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Now I can write in Japanese and have a new word processor. I still miss NJStar, though. It was so fast and easy to use...

In other news, today-tomorrow is me&mybf's anniversary. Yeah, we started dating at midnight so...
We are going to have dinner at an Italian Restaurant today :)

Tomorrow is... Nagayan's b-day, too!
And to celebrate it, not only did he go out with Tuti and Tatsuya, but also made a new blossam design.
I think it's cute but that face is kinda creepy there, like he is watching you or something. And he says it's some Obama thing? I dunno.
Check it out, here, and let me know what you guys think.

We also have HP 7.1 on Friday, but unfortunately I won't be able to go... I have to go to the theatre to see a play (Littoral) by a Canadian writer with the rest of my "Shakespeare and the creation of modern drama" class.

And talking about Uni... I've finished my "The Red Cloud" (by Mondrian) and "Galician Mythology" essays.
My oral presentation on Jekyll and Hyde turned out well, and I have to write an essay on it now.
I also have lots of books to read, and I have to write a paper on women and crossdressing in Twelfth Night for next month.
But I have Noken in two weeks and I'm preparing for it, too. I realized I have forgotten LOTS of kanji during the summer, so I have to study A LOT now... before it's too late.
Tags: help plz, nagayan, txn, university

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