hamykia (hamykia) wrote,


Happy Birthday, Nagayama Takashi-shi!!!

Nagayan's B-day is always fun and awesome for me!
Let's see...
My highlights for today:
  • Discovered MizuWasshi.
  • Finally found an AWESOME Japanese (and Chinese) Word Processor: WAKAN.
  • Had PASTAAAA~~ for lunch. Long time no see, pasta!
  • Discovered I already had Twelfth Night and started reading it. Enjoying it, too. Good news, since I have to write an essay afterwards.
  • Have a new coat, a present from my bf.
  • Himasan shared some awesome Portugal sketches.
  • Of course, it's Nagayan's bday.
I'm oh so happy, I think I'm going to make tea! *leaves for some Earl Gray*
Tags: downloads, my life, nagayan, university

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