hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

Tired but will have more time from now on!

I hope I will, at least, for my week looks pretty busy.

  1. Finished Noken (yay, free at last). Did anyone in my flist attend Noken? How was it? I took N4, and the first part was hell for me, while the other two seemed pretty easy. I heard that in N5 the most difficult part was de grammar/reading one (thus, the second part).
  2. Had lunch with many friends I found at Noken. Of course, we ate Japanese food.
  3. Will be having dinner with my friends tonight.
Monday: Constitution Day in Spain. Since everything is closed, I will be working on those papers I couldn't finish while I was studying for Noken.
Tuesday: No class! Maybe going to Alcalá de Henares with my boyfriend. Staying there for 2 days.
Wednesday: Coming back home and working on those papers.
Thursday: Meeting at class to learn about our future thesis. And visiting the people in charge of the exchange program to see if there are news.
Friday: Japanese class and working on those papers.
Saturday: Going to Alcalá de Henares again with a friend. I'll be her guide for the day, then we'll go to the theatre at night.
Sunday: Expocomic!! After all this I won't have time to buy the wig so bye bye cosplay... Well, there's Japan Weekend in February...

I'm so sleepy right now. But I have to leave to meet my bf and talk about the excursion to Alcalá and a possible future trip to Ireland in January. I thought about buying some plane tickets for both of us as a Christmas present, but it's being more difficult than I thought. I found a return flight for 40€ something, but I thought I would find cheaper ones since everyone keeps telling me about how they managed to fly for 5€ or less... OK, the flight is 5€ but the taxes are so expensive... Apparently the airports with no taxes right now are Paris and Milan, so it's pretty cheap to fly there. What should I do? Should I wait to see if there is an special offer? And how do I find this special offer?
Advice, anyone?
Tags: exams, my life
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