hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

I'm sorry for all those who couldn't take the Noken

I forgot to mention that due to the air controllers' strike in Spain (that I'm sure you've heard of) lots of people couldn't take the exam. There were at least 8 empty seats in my room, and there were other 8 people missing in my friend's room.
If it were for me, I would let the army take control of it all the time, and maybe flight taxes wouldn't be so high *still angry before getting to buy the tickets to Ireland*.

Oh, by the way, we already booked the hotel for our short trip to Alcalá tomorrow: This one.

Oh, and my father was free today (since it's a National Holiday today: Spain's Constitution Day) and we got to work on my room a bit, hanging pictures and so on. Unfortunately I have to do lots of papers right now, so I couldn't organize my room today. Will have to keep waiting for a pic, sorry... so in exchange...

A bit late, but... Game of Thrones' third trailer.
Tags: exams, game of thrones, my life, spain, spanish people

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