hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

20 days after my last entry

Well, I've been quite busy with university since this semester ends this week. I had to work on many presentations, read lots of books, and write lots of papers. I still have 6 things left to do, but I feel less stressed today, since I was told that I don't have to do a paper for my Compared Literatures subject, and I finished my paper on Jekyll&Hyde.

In case anyone is interested, I will let you know about my life:
  • I've been sick for a while now... like everyone, right?
  • My computer stopped working suddenly. I'm trying to fix it.
  • I've been on a one-day trip to Dublin, Ireland.
  • I've booked my flight to Japan.
And I can't think of anything else... I wanted to share some photos from Expocomic, but I need my computer, so... And this weekend we have Japan Weekend already...

Anyway, there's a new GoT trailer!

I translated what they say into Spanish, so if anyone is interested, check out my blog here.

Btw, what's with the new embed code? It doesn't work, anyway.
Tags: game of thrones, my life
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