hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

One month left in Spain

Hey people, long time no see.
Almost a month, I do think.
I've been busy writing lots of papers for university.
I'm glad to announce that I have finished the first semester. I have new subjects this semester :)
I've been pretty busy preparing for my trip to Japan too.
If you understand Spanish you can see all about it at my new travel blog
The biggest news in case you don't is that I already know about my housing, and it's my first choice! So I will be living at Kawasaki, Tokyo :)
Also, I already received the Certificate of Elegibility and went to the Embassy to apply for a Student Visa.
They said they would phone, but I guess I should go anyway, because it's been a week and they said it would take 2 days.
And I'm expecting a call fron the bank too, to see if they will grant me a loan.

Oh, I have tried the new Nintendo 3DS too!
So first thing I wanna buy when I get to Japan is food. And a 3DS xDD

And I'm looking forward to watching this!

55 days left!
Again, I have uploaded the translation into Spanish at my blog here.
Tags: game of thrones

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