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This song has been in my mind all day long

Well, it's normal since I've been hearing it everywhere today, but even though I've just seen the ending twice, I already knew it, cause it's so catchy!

And I am a youtuber, as you know, so I found some other videos (that actually belong to niconico but oh well) I thought were pretty amazing, like these girls dancing the Ending:

I am very impressed!

And yeah, though I liked that performance, I have always had a thing for Japanese fanboys, so I feel it's my duty to spread this very amazing video:

This is all the same guy singing the Ending Song's full version, dubbing the six of them.

I really love it when they do things like these!

And going back to No. 6... anyone else is thinking there are too many similarities with A Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde?

Like, some kid who lived his life in his castle and never saw the true suffering beyond those walls, then there's an animal that helps him and so on and so forth...  Please, don't comment if you already know, I don't want any spoilers!

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