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Sorry, I've been so busy!!!

I have neglected my own journal so badly... but I've been trying to follow SH and No.6 comms at least.
The reason is, when I'm not at uni or doing my homework, I'm actually taking care of my BL blog in Spanish.

And now, since I got some friends interested in scanlating BL or BL-related stuff, we created a new community at LJ for our scanlation group:
Feel free to join, cause it's Friends Only!
But, oh yeah, remember it's all in Spanish too

If you visit these sites, you will notice we are pretty much obsessed with a new series called Boku no Chopin.
It's not really that new, actually... not as new as Love Stage, anyway.
But for someone like me who has been interested in Chopin and Liszt's relationship since I heard about them in one of my piano lessons (I studied music for 10 years, in case no one knew around here...), this is something I had been wanting to find for a long while now (oh, and if anyone knows about any good manga about Oscar Wilde or Lord Byron, I would be very interested too). Also, for some reason I really like Chopin, probably because I have small hands and I always enjoyed the melody... I even had the chance to hold a music sheet handwritten by Chopin himself! I was so moved, someone that owned such an important item brought it to class to let us see it, and I was able to hold it!!
Well, going back to the manga... Let me tell you my high expectactions met no disappointment in Boku no Chopin, though I was worried at first because... it's a seinen manga. Not shonen-ai. Seinen. Who thought it was a nice idea to have this in the seinen manga section? How can we ladies find it there? What the hell were they thinking?

Do these characters look like seinen manga characters? From left to right you have Chopin, Liszt, Schumann and Mendelssohn. Yeah, I know they are much cuter than the original ones. I really LOVE them.

There's so much cuteness in this manga, really, that it's sometimes overwhelming. And the fact that it's trying to be historical... I really like that aspect. Every chapter has a comment explaining the historical facts the chapter is based on. Of course, we don't know every little thing that happened, but imagination can do the rest!

I don't want to spam your flists with too many pics, but if you want to see more, you can see many pics at my blog here.
And if you can read Spanish, you have the first chapter at fsf_scanlations.
If you can read Japanese, you can read it here.
If you can only read English, I don't know about any scanlations... sorry...
I can tell you what happens, but I don't think I would be able to do an English scanlation myself...
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