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Autumn season is here!

And I will have my new bed and washing machine!
And now the stuff that matters.
The anime I want to follow this season!

Of course, first is K, how could it not be?

I've already watched the first episode and I loved it!

The animation is so good, and everything looks so pretty.

Also, so many things happened! Now I have lots of questions, like what happened during the fight, since Suoh ends up in jail but not the rest. And also, how do Kuroh, Yashiro and Neko end up living together? And what's with the silver king that Yashiro sees in his dreams? And I loved the end, because that was so unexpected. I mean, I was more surprised by the fact that THAT character got killed in the first episode than by Yashiro being sooo creepy (I liked that, I wonder what happened, since of course Kuroh doesn't kill him). Shion killing Shion, how about that. By the way, I liked that character in the manga, and I got the theory, before he was announced for the anime, that he would be something like Suoh's significant other and would die for him or betray him at the end of the manga. Then I saw him as one of the official characters for the anime when they updated the website, so I forgot that idea... but then this happened...

Also, did you notice there's an Isana Shrine? Is that related to Yashiro's family, or just random?

Next is Zetsuen no Tempest.
I haven't been able to watch this yet, because torrents are not something you should use in Germany, so I'm waiting...

And last is Magi, which started today, I think, but of course I still have to watch Zetsuen no Tempest, so it will have to wait.

I just chose these three because of what I told you, since it might be difficult if I want to watch more than these every week. But if you got something for me, please let me know!
At the very least, I can watch it once the season's over :)
That reminds me I still have to watch Kuroko and Natsuyuki. I missed summer season completely because I had to move and start a new job...

Well, enough about me, what's everyone watching this season?
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