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Blind date with a book

Hi there!

Is anyone alive around here?
I know I'm not, but I'm still alive in other places, mainly tumblr, facebook, goodreads and AO3.
I think my last post linked to my accounts there, so I'm not going to do that again.

But I'm going to share something cool I saw on Frankfurt a while ago!

It was a Blind Date with a Book event organized by one of the English libraries around here.

As you see, and in case you didn't know, you buy a book without knowing which book it is. No cover, no title, just a list with some relevant points you will find inside. In some cases, not enough to discover which book it is. Even if it's a very famous one, you'll always wonder. Or I do.

So you want to try and guess? Check these out!

I'm guessing a possible Oliver Twist, but I'm not really sure. What do you guys think?
Any book you're sure about?

This thing really inspired me, though, and I even decided to organize a Blind Date with a Book on the FsF Facebook page for Christmas.
I've also done it on the FsF Scanlations Livejournal Community (you have to be a member and speak Spanish to see and read that post). I used five digital books that can be downloaded for free anywhere.

I would have wanted to use Amazon and actually send bought books, but I haven't been able to gift ebooks there. Does anyone know how to do it?
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