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MEME- Write a list with 12 characters from one of your fandoms

OK, I translated, so tell me if anything's wrong or misunderstandable

1) Tuti
2) Nagayan
3) Yanagi
4) Shirotan
5) Ikuta Toma
6) Yamapi
7) MoriEiji
8) Daiki-chan
9) Gaku
10) Ohkuchi Kengo
11) Gomoto Naoya
12) Wasshi

1. Who would become the best university professor, 6 or 11?  What would he teach?

Yamapi, I think, at least he is studying at Meiji University. He studies economics, so I guess this answer is that boring...

2. Do you think 4 is sexy? How much?

Shirota Yuu? Oh, well, what should I say...

3. 12 sends 8 on a mission. Which one? Is it completed?

WOA, Wasshi sends Daiki-chan on a mission? Even if Sano Daiki is the Leader, dunno why, I feel like that could actually happen, but I kinda feel Wasshi would only trust him about manga, so... maybe... "go and find some exclusive evangelion figure" And well, Daiki would complete his mission, but I'm not sure whether he would let Wasshi know... xDD

4. Which book could be number 9's favourite?

OMG, Gaku's fave book... No idea... fencer-sama?
OK, it's me who's got to answer, so..... The Neverending Story? (Don't ask why, however, it must be some japanese book I don't know)

5.  Would 2 swear allegiance to 6 or the other way round?

Nagayan to Yamapi? Yamapi to Nagayan? It makes no sense anyway!! WAaaa WWAaaaa *head explodes*

6.  Somehow, 5 is looking for a new flatmate. Who would be better, 9 or 10?

Ikuta Toma and Gaku.... Ikuta Toma and Kengo... BWAHAHAHAHAHA, first couple looks hilarious, tee heee ^^

7. 7, 2 and 12 meet to have dinner together. Where do they go and what do they talk about?

Sexy-san, Nagayan, and Gomoto Naoya? Well, it could happen, it may have happened... As there is no Tsuchiya involved, I guess they are not going to his place for dinner, ne? So, I guess they should go to some nice restaurant with many different wines... And as they would drink a lot, they would start talking about everything, from *pnish* and burimyu, to the old days, Tenimyu, and dunno why, I imagine MoriEiji crying over some dog that died when he was a child...

8. 3 challenges 10 to a duel. What happens?

WOA, Yanagi and Kengo... poor Yanagi... I guess Kengo wouldn't accept, he looks like a gentleman

9.  If 1 stole 8's most precious possesion. What would 8 do to get it back?

WOAAA, Tuti managed to get something from that AFFIX boxes under Daiki-chan's bed, I'm sure! I guess asking Tuti to give it back wouldn't do, even if it's Leader himself... But sooner or later Daiki would be able to go to Tuti's place and get it back... or just take something equally important from Tuti.

10.  Make a title for a story in which 7 and 12 make their dreams come true/manage to get what they are looking for.

Sexy-san and Wasshi.... "A Hard Day: Trying to get *pnish* together for a special day out"

11. What would you say to make 4 and 1 work together?

Tuti and Shirotan? "Hey, Tuti, remember Yanagi? one of his friends said that he would invite you to coco-ichi if you worked together some day... and you know, he has something interesting between hands... I heard MoriEiji and Gaku saying they would try if you said no..."
"Hey, Shirotan, we have a very interesting work for you, and we don't mind if you want to travel round the world and skip a few days.... or months"

12. If 7 was your guest during the weekend, how would you get on?

What, MoriEiji? Pretty well, I think. We have similar sense of humour, and I'm sure he would have a wonderful time in Spain xDD

13. If you could order 8 to do whatever you like, what would that be?

Daiki-chan? eerrrr.... I really dunno... any ideas? guess something related to *pnish*, as he is the Leader and all that... After the previous question I kinda feel like spending a holiday together with them...

14. Anyone from your f-list has a fanfic or fanart about 11?

Gomoto Naoya? Sure, either from Tenimyu or Burimyu... I'm sure I have seen something about him somewhere...

15. If 2 had to choose sides,  between 4 and 5, what would he choose?

OK, let's imagine we have a war between Shirotan and Ikuta Toma... what would Nagayan do? I guess he would be in Shirota's, cause, well, Yanagi would be there too, and at least he knows him and they are friends, so...

16.  What would 10's battle cry be?

Are we talking about the previous war? Poor Kengo... What about "For our freedom!!"
Dunno why, he looks kinda like a Braveheart fan

17. If you had to choose a song to represent 8, which one would that be?

A song for Daiki-chan? The most difficult questions are always about him! REally dunno, something happy and childish I believe, cause I imagine him singing and jumping happilly all the time xDD
How about this song that said something like... "if you are happy and you know it clap your hands..."

18.  1, 6 and 10 are having dinner at a chinese restaurant. There's only a spring roll left and the three of them try to catch it at the very same time. Who gets to eat it?

Tuti, of course xDDD

19. A good first line by 2 writing something about 10?

Like, a fanfic? A fanfic made by Nagayan about Kengo? This one's really difficult .....
"And then everyone left and he showed his real face...."

20. Why would 5 be arrested?

Ikuta Toma? well, it depends, in Japan?
Heard there's some old law in the US, that prevents ppl from going to another state carrying a duck on their head.... what about that?

21. What is 6's secret?

That he is so shy he is going to give up acting, to become a salary-man xDDD

22. If 11 and 9 are running , who would reach the goal first?

Ummm, Gomoto Naoya Vs Gaku, interesting.... And most insteresting is, I think that would be Gaku ^^

23.  If 5 and 8 wanted to conquer the world... What would their plan be?

Ikuta Toma and Daiki-chan? Errr, what about making people addicted to something they sell xDD

24. "1 and 9 are forced to join forces, in order to save the world from the evil secret organization from 4. 11 offers his help, but later on we discover he is 4's spy. Meanwhile,  4 kidnapped 12 in an attempt to make them surrender. Following 5's wise advice, they look for 3, who gives them what they need to complete their mission." ¿What title would you give to this fic?

OK, so Gaku and Tuti are really FORCED to fight together against Shirotan's evil plans... Gomoto Naoya helps them, but is really Shirota's spy. Then, we discover that Wasshi has been kidnapped by Shirota. After that, Gaku and Tuti follow Ikuta Toma's advice and finally Yanagi -it makes sense cause he is Shirota's friend- gives them that something...

What about "Tenimyu Wars" "Lord of Tennis"  "Much Amyu about Nothing" "As Myu Like It" or just "Golden Dream: When you've been in two casts"

25. If you had to go back home through a dangerous neighbourhood, very late at night, would you feel safer with 7 or 8?

MoriEiji or Daiki-chan? Oh, my, I wouldn't feel specially safe with either of them... guess MoriEiji is better, but just because Daiki looks so thin and frail... it's better if no one gets close enough to check...


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