hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

OMGWTH is that?

OK, and there I discovered some new things this week...
The dancing trooper:  IN TOKYO!!!!
seeing the visual girls dancing with him was awesome!!

And the Stormtrooper Dance:
PD: ¿por qué me recuerda a Al?

Oh, and I also discovered the Theremin, a very interesting musical instrument, that is played without strings, buttons, or whatever, only the air!!

Here you go, a concert live at Sapporo...
The Ave Maria 
The Cavalleria Rusticana (aka Godfather III ending)

Another good Theremin player, playing the Clair de lune by Debussy:
PD: Y esta a ratos me recuerda a Silvia, como una versión mayor, de la década de los 70, y con la nariz grande xDD

And in this video, for The Legend of Zelda fans, you can see pretty well how it is played ^^
Tags: youtube

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