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WTF, sorry for tihs boring thing, I think no one really cares, sorry! But now I have already wrote about it....

It took me a long time and I should be sleeping... that reminds me I had an interesting dream last night about two families that lived on the same house... a 15th ce
ntury one in which a girl working there was in love with the young lord and eventually got pregnant and heard the lord was going to marry a rich woman that had come from another country and was pregnant too. In the end, she decided to leave, but somehow, the kid wanted to be born (remember, no comfty cars), so she had to come back and discovered the wedding had been prepared for her to marry the lord, and the rich pregnant woman was in fact the lord's sis, who had been invited to the wedding. The second part was kinda modern, with two kids that were friends, the girl was the daughter of a rich family and hated her father for being always off to work... and was in love with the poor boy. One day they tell her in school to do, for one day, a special task to help someone close to her, and she decides to do something the poor boy does everyday.  The story is, his father was abroad, but he wanted him to come back. Somehow, he was spanish (yep I was dreaming in english), and the kid had been studying spanish and phoned everyday a hundred times to say he wanted him back(leaving a message), finally threw his cell phone to the river every now and then, and he was working to buy new ones every time. No wonder he was so poor, then xDD. The thing is the girl phoned a hundred times too, saying that once and again, and crying, and the last time she phoned she couldn't stand it anymore and started to talk in english to express her feelings, knowing that no one would ever understand or listen to her. And somehow, the father didn't know where the kid was, so he couldn't look for him, but the girl just introduced her and her family (as they were rich she had learnt to say in which shire whe live), so the man finally could find his kid.  Boring? Sorry

Also, I'm happy because I have passed another exam (2 out of 8 left) and I got the highest mark in Spain, which is MH in a subject (my first time! ^^)

And finally, something that might be interesting: this is how anisaki looks like, beware!
it's kinda cute, though xDD

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