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06 March 2008 @ 12:31 am
'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

are? ~

and the stolen MEME from fencer_x:

[X] You respect Mario.
[X] You know who Shigeru Miyamoto is.
[X] You believe the DS is superior to the PSP.
[ ] You hate Sonic for being a cool whore, as well as SEGA fanboys.
[ ] You love cartridges over CDs.
[ ] You feel sick whenever someone mentions "CD-i Phillips".
[ ] You still like Pokemon...even a teeny tiny bit.
Score - 3

[X] You respect Sonic.
[ ] You know who Yuji Naka is.
[ ] You weep for the Dreamcast.
[ ] You dream for Shenmue 3
[ ] You hate Mario for being so lame and fat, as well as Nintendo fanboys.
[ ] You love harlequin clothes for reminding you of NiGHTS.
[ ] You love the Virtua Fighter series.
Score - 1

[ ] You love HALO. (<--Only because I love Red vs. Blue, though 8D)
[ ] You bought at least one multi-format game on Xbox.
[ ] You know who Blinx is.
[ ] You are proud of your Gamerscore.
[X] You smile at how everyone complains about the PS3 MORE than they did at the 360.
[ ] You find such a thing as having a full memory store to be inconceivable.
[ ] You have been on Xbox Live.
Score - 1

[ ] You have a PS3.
[ ] You believe the PS2 has the greatest game library ever.
[ ] You believe the PSP is superior to the DS.
[ ] You hate the Xbox and the 360.
[ ] You bought the PS3 as soon as it was out.
[ ] You know who Ken Kutarugi is.
[ ] You consider Resistance: Fall of Man superior to Gears of War.
Score - 0

[ ] You know what an Atari console looks like.
[X] You played Space Invaders, Pong and/or Pacman.
[ ] If you are British, you know what a ZX Spectrum is. If you are American, you know what a Commodore 64 is.
[ ] You wish you didn't know of E.T.: The Game.
[ ] You love point-and-click games.
[ ] You emulate.
[ ] You despise anyone who can't respect the old skool.
Score - 1

[X] You played Time Crisis and/or Virtua Cop.
[ ] You consider HALO inferior to Goldeneye 007.
[ ] You consider Goldeneye 007 inferior to HALO.
[ ] You snort in disgust at the idea Columbine was caused by playing too much DOOM.
[ ] You have played Counter Strike and fragged merrily.
[ ] You know why everyone hates medics yet you've never been in the army.
[ ] You've done Grand Theft Auto and yet never been in jail.
Score - 1

RPG GAMER: [ ] You love at least one Final Fantasy game.
[ ] You cried at least once during any RPG game. 
[X] You named at least one video game character after yourself.
[ ] You equate video game music of RPGs to the artistic level of Wagner or Beethoven.
[X] You know that even the most effeminate villain can become badass with a brilliant theme song.
[X] You believe that your heart is the most powerful weapon.
[ ] You've dreamed of having an RPG adventure with your friends/family, level upgrades et al.
Score - 3

[ ] You do a Hadoken.
[ ] You know at least one Fatality.
[ ] You mash buttons like Chun Li kicks.
[X] You have calluses on your thumbs.
[X] You've injured yourself mimicking at least one move from a game.
[ ] You know kung fu.
[X] You know of, or play, M.U.G.E.N.
Score - 3

[X] You know more titles of games in Japanese than others do.
[ ] The Dreamcast is still alive to you.
[X] You despise the NTSC/PAL divide.
[ ] Money is no object to you. 
[ ] Customs can go to hell.
[ ] You pity the average continent-bound gamer.
[ ] You praise emulator hackers.
Score - 2

TOTAL: 15/63 (beautiful number)
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