August 28th, 2007



 Yanagi with Aiba:

Yanagi & Endou singing "I'm always winner" together:

The beautiful acoustic song that Shinji from Fudomine sang at Dream Live First, you cannot miss it, subbed in japanese, romaji (you can learn it!) and english (and understand!)

Four versions of Makezu Kirai together, just wonderful!!

1st and 2nd cast Regulars:

Two versions of This is the Prince of Tennis, again Yanagi and Endou sing "together":

Kore ga Seigaku Regular-jin!!! (1st and 2nd cast)

Three versions of Now and Forever, plus the special 1st cast graduation video by Ueshima Yukio.:

And this enjoyable DD-BOYS video where Endou and Yanagi go fishing. Yanagi hates worms, but in the end he manages to catch one fish thanks to "Thomas", that's the... er.... name of the worm. So cute!: