November 18th, 2007


Some things I wrote lately while answering someone:

This is what I told to a person in youtube who commented my FMA-Gammaray (Blood Religion) AMV, saying she didn't think there was any relation between FMA and the song I had chosen:

SPOILER ALERT. Don't read if you haven't finished seeing/reading FMA.
thanx for your comment ^^
Well, I tend to overthink things a bit and, as I have been studying symbolism for the last 3 years, I can't help it, and start seeing things where maybe there is nothing.
Let me explain, cause what I think is that Blood has been a symbol for Life since ancient times: sacrifice, cannibalism, vapiric tendencies...
I also realized that alchemy is related to Life, and in FMA I've seen they talk about this quiet often, specially regarding the philosopher's stone and the homunculi. So, as I see this, you need blood to create homunculi, as shown in 2:44, you need life (so, blood again here) to use alchemy, you also need life and blood to create a philosopher's stone, and what do homunculi eat to be inmortal? So, we have some kind of undead, powerful and inmortal creatures that need blood to eat, and that REALLY relates to vampirism, I think.
I'm only telling you my personal point of view cause you made me realize that more people must be wondering what kind of relation I was thinking about, so thanks for the chance, and sorry if I did bore you.
As I said, it is a matter of opinion, and I tend to overthink things a bit and see relations that don't exist, but I wanted you to know what I saw ^^
Thanx again for you comment and patience.

And this is what I wrote answering fencer_xin my previous post:

And I also learnt that Tuti and Nagayan, though they enjoy making us suffer, they are also nice people who give us presents (as random pics) and deep in their hearts care about our mental sanity:

"hey, they must be wondering AGAIN if we are together right now" (hey, why does it sound like a normal way to start a conversation?)
"let's not be so mean today, it's your birthday! let's show them... just tonight" (and why is Tuti so nice to us? THANX TUTI!)
"If you are so interested in writing a post about my birthday, you don't really have to ask" (you can't hide anything from Nagayan.... can you?)
"ASK? MY Po-?" (don't pretend, Tuti)
"Just let me upload a photo for my blog afterwards... it's my home, after all" (ha? is that really what happened?)
"OK... but I will choose your clothes" (that sounded just like "I will UNdress you")
"Well... you lucky boy... I feel nice today, we'll see..." (Is that a DRAW?... Oh, but why do you seem so TIRED? that photo...)

Sorry for that, I'm happy, and tired, and today it's Nagayan's b-day, and I just came back from a german restaurant(celebrating with my boyfriend it's been 4 years since we started dating... and that 4 years thing remind me... yep, ok, I was tired and going to stop that).