April 13th, 2008


Gakuen Heaven

So, I started watching Gakuen Heaven at last... (and WHY IS NO ONE SEEDING EP 4? T-T)
And, well, it's so cuteee
My thoughts were more or less something like OMGfanfic+fanart xDD
Plus, I was worried I might be the only one seeing tenimyu similarities U_U like, a Kikumaruish boy (though not acrobatic, always falling from bikes and so xDD) that arrives in the middle of something but wants to give his best. And becomes like, very friends with someone really close. And there's a King, and a queen, and the DATA-MAN!!!
So, huh, yea, I was worried about my TxN way of thinking util I found THIS clip. And it seems SO natural :)
I love the clips chosen BTW. Pleaseee watch it, it's GREAT, trust me, you GH+PoT fans!!