December 4th, 2008


Meme time!

Thank you, analineblue 
gonna start with this!

Well, the meme is about thinking (during 8 days) about something that made your day, or at least made you happy for a while

Traduzco: el meme va de pensar cada día en algo que te haya hecho feliz, mirad qué positivo!!

I think I have to tag eight people, but many people on my flist are already doing it, so I dunno who is not doing this right now xDD
I encourage you all to do it, isn't it positive?


Day 1:
I fixed my internet, yahooo!
It had stopped working for three days, so this makes me sooo happy!
Also, I played a lot with my dog, and found new hatalia MADs, yay!
Oh, thinking about only one thing is too difficult for me ^^U

Sharing happiness

I just found three vids that made my day, so I thought I had to share ^^

First, spanish comic convention. nothing really interesting up till he end, where you can find an AWESOME cosplay of Captain Tsubasa (aka Campeones) with special effects xDD

Next, an awesome MV someone made at pnish 
It's soooo cool, you girls may have seen it, but yerkomil , you have to see this toooooo!!!!!!

And last, but not the least, a new decent HetaliaxBaccano MAD
Oh this makes me want to see those series (both xDD) so hard