December 8th, 2008


Meme and youtube

+I took my first Noken ever! I found it easy, but I actually took the lowest level, so that's only natural...

+I saw atramina today, and we had a nice evening together

+I shared hetalia! (ne, Poll?)

+I watched more vids

And now sharing two heatlish vids!


Next one!

+Didn't have class today, spent the day at a friend's house eating bulgarian food and watching films (it sounds like I'm pretty free, but I had told her I would go on September, so,...)

+New hetalia scanlation!

+Many messages on myhappyplanet

+Now I have time to check a few posts on my flist!

+So I found this:

In 2008, hamykia resolves to...
Get back in contact with some old j-movies.
Admit my true feelings to latin1ofmany.
Keep my tenimyu clean.
Give some wuthering heights to charity.
Spend less time on cambridge.
Buy new zelgadis.

+And this

On the twelfth day of Christmas, hamykia sent to me...
Twelve analineblues drumming
Eleven ceestars piping
Ten coffeeandices a-leaping
Nine johnnys dancing
Eight linguistics a-milking
Seven j-movies a-writing
Six languages a-travelling
Five he-e-e-eroes
Four zelgadis
Three japanese dramas
Two wuthering heights
...and a csi in a grey's anatomy.

I find it funny that the fifth makes total sense