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This post was originally written as a reply for 0xian0 but she never read it and asked me again xDD. So, I thought this made it easier for her, and maybe someone else is interested. As she is spanish, I wrote it in spanish, but I'm translating now ;)

ahi tienes lo de los bichos esos, es una tienda de ropa :) y demas cosas de Japón. Aunque en realidad hay varias cosas coreanas, porque es lo que se lleva en Japón :)
This is an online store for clothes, bags, and many other things. She wanted this link cause they sell Monokuro stuff (also Hello Kitty, if anyone cares).
esta es la web que tiene esas cositas curiosas de Japón, encontrarás una gran variedad de productos, muy curiosos y a buen precio. La goma en 28 cubos, figuritas aspiradora para el escritorio, Rei Ayanami por 15 euros, películas subtituladas, y cosas que ni te imaginas....
Ok, this is one of the webs in which I found those strange things that you can only find in Japan. The pen that allows you to write in any position is also there. Magazines, DVDs, dolls, bento boxes, and many more. Oh, and if you only buy books notebooks and so, the shipping is cheaper :)

esta última, es la tienda de los geles y champúes, verás los botes grandes que te dije con la recarga, a que están baratos? y a lo largo de las páginas encontrarás más champúes, jabones, y cosas hechas a mano, revistas para coser, tela, etc etc
As you can see, this is an e-bay store. It is very reliable, and they sell many special things from Japan. Hand-made chirimen (the cloth for kimono), bags, purses, bento bags, and of course, some stuff for showering ;)

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