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OMG,WTH, really?

After watching the Proposal Daisakusen Special (awesome, I would change a couple of things though, but really impressive piece of art here), I've been wondering what were the other releases I was waiting for in spring. Ok, Burimyu, but the DVD is not going to be released till August, so....  was there a hana yori dango special or something like that?
Well, who cares, cause.... There is a Hana Kimi SPECIAL being filmed!!!! *happy dance* And for what I've heard, Julia's character is going to appear (the american friend) and there were some rumors saying that it was going to take place in the US, though no one seems to know for sure... anyone knows?

Y para vosotros, spanish speakers: ESPECIAL DE HANA KIMI!!!!!! hadajhdgahjdgadhakhfjkh (básicamente)
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