hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

So Bleach can be fun...

Many videos!

First, I gave up watching Bleach's anime due to the fillers, so I just loved this first vid.
(thanks, ak_bennington )
Then, South Park+Bleach... hilarious!
And Bleach + Death Note!! You can't miss that!
After that, you'll get to see a Bleach + Phoenix Wright video!!
And... Bleach + Potter Puppet Pals!!
After that, Bleach + Family Guy xDD
And That's your horoscope for today
Some vids about Gin (singing Unfortunate Souls, a fanfic vid xDD and Arrancar Research Time, he speaks "spanish" xDD)
And we end with... real Bleach... and... it's an extract of the only filler I ever saw. Watch it, if you want to know why...(just know it's REAL IchigoxRenji)

Tags: bleach, youtube

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