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There you go Spain

All right, for you non-euopean friends. We are currently celebrating the eurovision event. This year is pretty different, as people from all the countries can vote for their favourite song. This was also the way in which the song that represents Spain was chosen: people uploaded videos to myspace, and everyone could vote.
They should have known us better, cause that's what we chose.
The chiki-chiki with english subs!

Now, you should know, this person is really an actor that uploaded his video for his tv program, just to have fun... however, he won, and now represents eurovision. The first part was the original song, that won the contest, however he had to change the part that talked about Hugo Chávez, so the last part of the video shows the current version of it ^^U
Ah, and the credits at the end are pretty wrong. Two famous people from Spain said (joking) they had composed the song together. Many people believed it though, so that's why the credits are all wrong.
Good luck Spain, we are such freaks...

And talking about freaks, today's freak's pride day in Spain (El Día del Orgullo friki) and they are helding a cosplay+concert event t the place that celebrates the Nochevieja's (San Sylvester, New Year) most important dances.
And they are going to stop the party to see the spanish performance in Eurovision.

EDIT// And we managed to get more points than last year. It's a shame they are changing the narrator of the event next year. He tells ALL the points that are going to be given. Once, they did not let him participate, because well, he showed everyone how really good friends neighbours are... and another time he would not participate beacuse he was fed up with everything being so political, and this year he said it would be the last one! That's a shame, it was fun!
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