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And yes, I just want to know more about Hetalia
It has been said recently that they are finally going to make it anime (though I haven't found the manga yet)
And I found this web about it...

OMG, Italy =Ulquiorra(Bleach)/Choutaro(PoT)/Frodo?
Japan=Kikumaru(PoT)/Parco Folgore/Gecchapi?
America=Hisagi(Bleach)/Ohsama(Gakuen Heaven)?
France=Don Patch/Hirako(Bleach)/Momo-chan(PoT)?
Russia=Gluttony(FMA)/Artemis(Sailor Moon)?
Austria=Link(Nintendo)? Link talks?
Lithuania=Ozawa(Gakuen Heaven)/Kio(Loveless)?

And OMG a narrator?
Senseisaaaaaan!!! (Bottle Fairy fan)

Tags: anime, hetalia, seiyuu

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