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Ok, I need you opinion

I've been curious about something we've been talking about on plurk...
Ok, so japanese people don't know that Antonio Banderas is spanish. How come? Do people in your countries know that? Where do they think he is from?

On the other hand, I find it normal that people don't know that Jean Reno is originally spanish, too! Born as Juan Moreno Herrera Jiménez, he changed his name when he became french: Juan->Jean (mo)Reno
His VERY spanish parents left Spain because of Franco, and that's how the story goes. Now, how many people did know? *not expecting many*

And finally, something you may have never heard about, but true. I mean, I did not invent it, people have been talking about it, too... WAS WALTER DISNEY SPANISH?
In Mojácar, almería, some people from the Disney company suddenly appeared one day, to check the civil documents of José Guirao Zamora, a child born of an adulterous relationship between a doctor, and the woman who washed his clothes, and who later emigrated to the USA, to give the child in adoption. Those people came here under Walter Disney's direct orders, and that's what they said, according to the people living there, that he was searching for his real origins because he had been adopted.

By the way, Walter Disney himself was an FBI agent, and also was been followed by FBI agents at the same time! They thought him a double agent! *discovered this while searching for the name of the village, and Walt's spanish name*

PS: And my bf wanted everyone to know that Hitler WAS NOT GERMAN. He was from Austria, and that's why they keep feeling nervous when the nationalists keep increasing their popularity in that country. I always remember when Poland censored almost everything on TV, including the Teletubbies...
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