hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

Meme time!

Thank you, analineblue 
gonna start with this!

Well, the meme is about thinking (during 8 days) about something that made your day, or at least made you happy for a while

Traduzco: el meme va de pensar cada día en algo que te haya hecho feliz, mirad qué positivo!!

I think I have to tag eight people, but many people on my flist are already doing it, so I dunno who is not doing this right now xDD
I encourage you all to do it, isn't it positive?


Day 1:
I fixed my internet, yahooo!
It had stopped working for three days, so this makes me sooo happy!
Also, I played a lot with my dog, and found new hatalia MADs, yay!
Oh, thinking about only one thing is too difficult for me ^^U
Tags: meme

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