hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

Hi again! This is Day 2 so far

Hi, I'm a bit bored at uni and decided to get online for a while before having lunch *is hungry*
so here I am, but I don't really have anything to upload

Day 2:

+ yerkomil  is going to send a postcard for the tuti project!! For some reason, it makes me happy because HE is one of my best friends, yaaay! spreading the pnish love!

+I saw the pnish Xmas lights on my way to university, so I was happy. Also I wasn't soooo late to class, and I decided to talk to the professor, and he signed my student card, so I don't have to take another teacher's exam (it was the same subject but completely different books to study, so I was quite anxious about that, as I could not attend the class that I am supposed to be examined... anyway, that's good for me)

+I have some time to get online and I had 3 comments on LJ!! This SO made my SUPER DAY!!!

+I am reading some new pr0n hetalia strip in the middle of the computer room, surrounded by people xDDD

+I am meeting my friends today! plus, two of them just got back from Japan!! Oh this is gonna be so fun!

+I am having a decent lunch and dinner!!! (I hope) My mother does not let me eat much lately, as she doesn't feel like eating anything but castañas asadas

+WEEKEND!!!! *jumping around*

I told you, analineblue , just one thing is way too difficult
Tags: meme

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