hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

New info~

So yeah, Finland and Sweden appearing on the PV, and Lithuania and Poland seiyuus! Everyone is appearing!

Anyway, the new seiyuus list!

Daisuke Namikawa as Italy

Hiroki Takahashi as Japan

Hiroki Yasumoto as Germany

Katsuyuki Konishi as America

Kishô Taniyama as Narrator

Masaya Onosaka as France

Noriaki Sugiyama as United Kingdom

Yasuhiro Takato as Russia

Yuki Kaida as China

Aki Kanada as Chibitalia

Akira Sasanuma as Austria

Atsushi Kousaka as Estonia

Go Inoue as Spain

Jun Konno as Holy Roman Empire

Kazutada Tanaka as Poland

Ken Takeuchi as Lithuania

Michiko Neya as Hungary

Rie Kugimiya as Liechtenstein

Romi Paku as Switzerland

Italy =Ulquiorra(Bleach)/Choutaro(PoT)/Frodo
Japan=Kikumaru(PoT)/Parco Folgore/Gecchapi

America=Hisagi(Bleach)/Ohsama(Gakuen Heaven)
France=Don Patch/Hirako(Bleach)/Momo-chan(PoT)
Russia=Gluttony(FMA)/Artemis(Sailor Moon)
China=Kurapika(HxH), Fuji(PoT)

Chibitalia=is appearing! It seems the seiyuu dubs children
Austria=Link(Nintendo) Link talks?
Lithuania=Ozawa(Gakuen Heaven)/Kio(Loveless)
Estonia=a guy I don't know!
Spain=JAkou(Naruto) for Naruto fans
Hungary=L. Hawkeye! (and many more)
Liechtenstein=ALPHONSE ELRIC and... and NAGI SANZENIN
Switzerland=omg omg hitsugaya, edward elric... hyaaa
and HRE! and Poland!
Narrator= Senseisaaaan *bottle fairy fan*

Well, it's brother and sister this time, but...

Tags: hetalia

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