hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

My review or "yay, a meme"

Take the first sentence (or two) from the first post of each month of 2008. That's your year in review.

January: I need something new for my mobile....
February: Is Oguri Shun everywhere?
March: another quizzzz
April: I'm fucking Matt Damon
May: I'm learning how to sub!
June: I can't stop watching this!
July: yaaay~ I went to last PaniSuta!
August: I'm sorry, Court, but I think I fell in love.
September: I'm a psychic!
October: I wonder if anyone saw the previous entry with a playlist of Hetalia fanmade videos...
November: Oh, I can't stop watching this video!
December: I was stamped at hetalia_rate!!!!

It was an interesting year, ne~
and I think I talk a lot about myself... xDD
sorry, but well, as this is a journal maybe it's not wrong...

Tags: meme
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