hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

I need my fandoms!

Well, good news, I ordered a dvd ripper!
Bad news, hetalia anime cancelled
Good news, it's gotta air on animate.tv, anyone knows if foreigners can see it?
And.... well, I feel sleepy, my lack of sleep is such it is turning antropomorphic.
I'll have a crazy day tomorrow (already today)
And I continued writing my TxN fic!!! (not the one I posted ages ago, this is a new one!)
Also, someone recommended Fuyu Semi, so I am downloading...

I think that's all, and...
wait, of course, my youtube daily dosis brought me a wonderful surprise you can't miss
Oh, it's so beautiful I can cry! (what's happening to me, am I becoming a cry-baby?

Have a nice weekend!

fencer_x  I sent you the postcard! (a couple of days ago, it should be on its way!)</span>

Tags: hetalia, youtube

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