hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

Happy Birthday, Tuti!

Happy Tuti's Day everyone!
what a wonderful day this has been for me, even though I had an exam and now have a headache, I got to talk to some of you, post some stuff, buy new things (did you see the hetalia figures? I also got DUST and a totoro blanket!), got my pc back (currently reinstalling everything), had many many fandom news to share (OMG 4th child why are you SO CUTE?), and more to come (waiting for fencer's report), and decided to celebrate it somehow since now I refuse to study, and my brain too xDD
So I wanted to scan some of the magazines I took photographs of during my stay in Japan, but my scanner won't agree.
I'm trying at the moment using my just recovered computer, but it will take a while, gomen ^^U
Tags: tuti

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