hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

Parecidos razonables

First of all, I'm having some problems with the Gakuen Hetalia demo, anyone else has downloaded it?

Now let's get to business. We already know Himaruya might be a fan of Gakuen Heaven, haha, cause he named the game after it. And don't tell me it's just a random dating sim name, cause even the He- fits!

But, while I was watching Junjou Romantica I discovered something that really and trully amazed me.

First of all, let's see some vids to get in the mood!
I already posted one to facebook, so sorry if you see it twice (though it's so awesome!)

And the second season OP, still unfinished.

And now my rambling, come here and gather round, I'm gonna ask you something...

Does he look familiar?
Liet, anyone? xDD
His voice is more UKish, though xD

And now....

And I'm totally positive it's him! Just check!

Beware, random country! Chibi!Russia has come to get you!

Too late! You already became one with Russia!!

Sorry, maybe my disease is worse than I thought...
Anyway! Now some RussiaxLithuania!

I hope you guys won't kill me after this ^^U
or stop talking to me ^^U that would be worse
Tags: hetalia, junjou romantica, youtube

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