hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

Hey, minna!

Well, I have just finished my classes, so I will have more free time from now on... free time I should spend studying, though.
I wanted to let you guys know that my PC has recently stopped working (yeah, AGAIN), so I am back at my laptop right now.
However, I have a new netbook. But I can't get online with it yet U_U By the way, anyone can help? it says the router won't give me an IP address.
I have changed my layout thanks to dailydays . I would like to change the background, though, I don't want so much white, but I wonder what would fit...
And... new hetalia episode has CANADA in it!!! and he is so.... TRANSPARENT! xDDDD

I am going to the Feria del Libro tomorrow! I hope my father will give me some money... any book I should get? I want the first Millenium book, anyway...
Have fun, you guys.
Also, I added My Plurk address to the links in my layout, so feel free to add me any time you want to!

/EDIT: I fixed my netbook! yay!
Also, this hetalia MAD is... AMAZING

Tags: my life

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