hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

Hetalia meme

Thanks for letting me know, x_reggg 
You guys can take it here.
My results:

1HRE x Chibitalia
2Germany x Italy
3Sweden x Finland
4Spain x Romano
5Lithuania x Poland
5England x Japan
7France x England
7Prussia x Hungary
9Roman Empire x Germania
9Denmark x Norway
11USA x England
11Greece x Japan
13Austria x Hungary
14France x Spain
14Russia x China
14Korea x China
14Hong Kong x China
14Switzerland x Austria
14Germany x Prussia
14France x Seychelles
14Germany x Austria
14Cuba x Canada
23Turkey x Greece
24France x Jeanne D'Arc
24Russia x USA
24Korea x Japan
24Denmark x Sweden
24USA x Canada
29Prussia x Frederick II
29Russia x Prussia
29France x Canada
29Switzerland x Liechtenstein
29Romano (S. Italy) x Italy (N. Italy)
29Russia x Belarus
35Russia x Lithuania
36Prussia x Austria
36USA x Prussia
36Japan x Taiwan

I skipped the pairings I don't support xDDDD

Tags: hetalia, meme
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