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19 December 2009 @ 04:54 pm
LJ, come back to me  
Hi everyone! I finally shared all the photos I wanted to share! Yay! It's a shame I had to be sick in order to have the time to do it, though. So here are the news about my life: -I am sick every three weeks, and the doctor told me I may have anemia. I have to get another blood test done (the fourth this year) next month. -I am very busy nowadays, so I come home late, and I have to do my homework, have dinner, take a shower and sleep, so I have not much free time U_U no time left for studying either. -Good news is that my allergy period seems to be ending... I hope next year I'll be free from it again! -We are receiving wind directly from Siberia in Spain, and it's freezing! Of course, most of us are not used to such low temperatures. And, also, I received some parcels last week, and I wanted to share my happiness with you:

Yeah, Shyra is always around me these days, so she wanted to appear in the pic, of course. So, Tsuruya-chan manga (the Smoked cheese box, cause it comes with a figure), Roses KitKat, a bilingual book about living in Japan, "I want to be naughty" manga, a Hetalia shitajiki (it was a present from my Japanese friend), and a book about Japanese phrases. Below that, the official pixiv artbook , the Sounds of the World CD (APH's OST) and Nihon's green tea (also a present from her), Ponyo's notebook , and some Nihongo Journal's issues with the very interesting Japanese candy that has different tastes that change as you eat it. The small boxes on top of the books are the special edition of Sakuma Drops, featuring some traditional food or drinks in Japan. There are many of them! I got Sapporo beer from Hokkaido, for example. I think I can see Tonkotsu ramen and Sake, but I dunno where those came from. And the fourth one is another Japanese liquor, I don't remember the name now. Well, as Christmas holidays are starting next week, I'll try to check all journals and communities then. Though it won't be enough, so if there's anything I really have to see, please let me know? I'd appreciate it, thank you. Oh, and I've been ripping some DVDs, and I'm trying to upload them to Mediafire now. It will take some days, but I'll share them when I finish. I've ripped Koutetsu Sangokushi, HERO (the Takuya Kimura film), Sukedachi and Sakugoe. Is there anything else I should do?
(Deleted comment)
hamykiahamykia on December 19th, 2009 04:20 pm (UTC)
Uaaaah, cuánto tiempo, te eché de menos!!!
Esta semana actualicé bastante porque estuve enferma, así que si quieres cotillear mis fotos, pásate por mi journal ;)
Jo, es lo que pasa con el hemisferio Sur, que os pilla en verano y queda un poco raro no? Porque las tarjetas y los arboles y eso, como que es en plan invernal, y sin embargo ahí es verano.

No sé, ando tb algo desconectada del fandom, snif, así que si hay algo que crees que debería leer...

Feliz Navidad!!!
deyjandi_vondeyjandi_von on December 20th, 2009 08:46 pm (UTC)
Uoh que de cositas te han llegado, yo estoy esperando que me llegue algo de ropa y un tinte azul que pedí y poco más la verdad.

Al menos ya me he curado del resfriado, y quiero estar al tanto de lo de la anemia ¿eh cielo? cuidateme mucho.

Te quiero :***
hamykiahamykia on December 20th, 2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
Ooooh tinte azul! de pelo?
Espero que hagas una entrada con fotos!

Na, no te preocupes, además hasta el mes que viene no me hacen los análisis anyway