hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

Japanese people never fail to amaze me

So, thanks to gravishuichi , I've found a new group of male hetalia fans who fandub songs.
They don't seem to be related to the Spain True Fans, first because they prefer dubbing Romano, Prussia, Japan, and others, and second because they don't mention it in their vids, nor have they the animal names....
Anyway, if anyone knows who they are and if they have more vids....

Well, even though they are not professional singers, their voices are so similar, you Hetalia fans have to watch these no matter what:

That's interesting, right? Well, the voices are rather similar, but Prussia and Romano do not appear much in the anime, so who knows....
Then, watch the Axis Powers version:

How can their voices be that similar? Come on~~ They're only fanboys xD Oh, I love fanboys, well.

And that random USA is epic!

I found another song by Prussia Japan and Romano:

With subs!! I think Japan is the one who sings better, right?
But isn't he faking Prussia in this one, too? It's confusing... Because... they are different people........... right?

Anyway, I'll finish with the song feautiring more characters (even the nordics!). Yeah, some of these don't sound that good. But it's amazing that they made this anyway:

With subs, too!
I nearly died laughing when I heard Prussia's parody of Boku Ikemen xDDD

Well, I finished my exams for this week, but I have three more exams next week, so I should go and study now... Bye~~~
Tags: hetalia, youtube

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