hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

More stuff

I have two exams left: History of the English Language and Advanced Translation from English to Spanish.
Ahh~~ I'm so tired

I'm going to a Gammaray concert this Saturday. And we have Japan Weekend on Sunday.
I'll spend Sunday's afternoon with my boyfriend because it's Valentine's Day.
I wish... I hope Himaruya-sensei will continue last year's Valentine event?

And I bring some new (or recently completed) MADs for all of you.
These are SO EPIC, so watch them, hetalia fans!

Japan and salt, you may have seen the unfinished version already, but the end is EPIC!!!!

This is a MAD made by the artist who makes the Risorgimento DJs, awesome!

An early Valentine's celebration. I love HRExChibitalia
Tags: hetalia, youtube

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