hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

No more wood, please

So I'm still having my house painted (and decorated), plus I already started my new classes at uni. I have things to read and study, but I don't have much time even for that, since it's so noisy and I have to take care of everything because my parents are working. I hope they really finish this week, I already have a permanent headache and permanent stomachache.

Well, I'll share some things I did/found lately:

Now that the Olympics ended, the Coca-Cola trailer the we, hetalia fans, liked so much:

I have to say I don't drink Coke, but I really like their funny commercials xD

I created a MyAnimeList account, and I updated my manga and anime lists during the weekend, so does anyone else have an account there? I want to have friends and compare series and everything! My profile is here.

And this is a video by Uta no Oyabun, this time as Japan!
I was so surprised! He sounds exactly like Japan!

Tags: hetalia, my life, youtube
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