hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

Expomanga 2010

This took place in Madrid during the first weekend in May
I already shared our performance via youtube, but now I'll shared the photos, in case anyone is interested:

La Pipa Pavillion

The stage

Part of the exposition

Random people

Random shop

First Drama CD in Spanish! One Piece!

Ouran cosplayers

My Hetalia friends! (USA, UK and Akuyuu)


My friends



Final Fantasy

After our performance... I'm sorry you can't see Independence!USA.


More friends of mine :)

Mad Hatter

Phoenix and Edgey

Steampunk is so fashionable nowadays...

My dear Belarus! She made the dress herself!

Their group won second place at the cosplay contest

With my friend Sheila

with USA, UK and Prussia

Eating Ramen


Some record thing we participated in

The cosplay winners. Their Prince of Persia performance was SO awesome, really

See? I told you they won, too

Avatar is fashionable, too

UK, Switzerland and Austria :D


with the Akuyuu (I love this photo!)

And a group photo! If you want, I can upload some of the photos we took after our performance! It was SO fun!
Tags: cosplay, expomanga, me, photos, spain

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