hamykia (hamykia) wrote,

Long time no see

Hi there, everyone!
I'm back to internet at last, though I'm busy with my papers for Keio University, this is crazy! So:

1) If there is anything new I should know or you want to tell me something I have missed, whatever, please comment here, even if it's just with a link to some entry you want me to comment/read.

2) If you can help me with my million papers I would love you forever. I have to write a Study Proposal (2000-3000 words) and I have no idea what I should write. If anyone has some good advice, that would be a great help. Anyway, I started following what I learnt from these links:
But I cannot come with a good title for my research, especially because I'm going to do part of my MAster's Degree research only. That one is about comparative literature: The relationship between Japan and Occident through Travel Literature, but I would like to focus in Japanese literature while in Japan, and do the rest here (in Spain). So what title should I choose? Ahh, I don't know...
Tags: my life, university
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