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First I have to read the book, but...

For my presentation on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:

1) Analyze the structure of Stevenson's tale. What functions does it perform?
2) There are many narrators -among them, Enfield, Utterson, Poole, Lanyon, and Jekyll- in this novel. Discuss what each narrator contributes to the novel.
3) Stevenson's story specifies very few identifiable locations, however, the city of London is an important element in it. Comment on the psychological or allegorical geography of Stevenson's London.

4) The original sin behind Dr. Jekyll's acts seems to be less explicit than that attributed to Dr. Frankenstein (to usurp the role of God in creating life). Dr. Jekyll fails because of a mistake in his chemicals, but what is the allegorical reason, in your opinion, for the failure of his experiments?
Is the novel an example of "the fantastic"?; of "the uncanny"?: Identify the main Gothic features in "Jekyll and Hyde".

5) What kind of character is Dr. Jekyll when we are first introduced to him? In what sense does he appear to be a model or admirable character? But is he a flawed character, too? How?
6) Compare Dr. Jekyll with Mr. Hyde. What are the physical and the mental differences between them? Are they in some way allied or even ultimately one being? If so, how?
7) In what sense might the Victorian period's rigid moral standards be responsible for Dr. Jekyll's tragic transformation into evil Hyde? In other words, according to Stevenson's story, what makes a man like Jekyll -a good Victorian, really- become the criminal Hyde?
8) Examine the final chapter, "Henry Jekyll's Full Statement of the Case". How does Jekyll tell his story -how does he account for his scientific motivations, his evil actions, his need for secrecy? How does he characterize his ultimate fate and his relation to Mr. Hyde?
9) Using this novel as your basis, discuss the nature of "good" and "evil" or "the double" and the duality of man's nature, as presented in this novel.
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