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Such stuff as dreams are made on

for this night and all the nights to come

14 May
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I'm a spanish girl who wants to share interests with people from any part of the world ^^
I'm a japanophile and an anglophile, and I'm majoring English Philology and learning Japanese.
I usually post in English, but I may use Spanish a few times every year.
Nearly half of my entries are locked, but if we share the same interests or joined the same communities, feel free to send me a message if you want to add me.
I love literature, music, other cultures, *pnish*, TxN, hetalia, and many more!
My LJ My Plurk codes

My favourites...
... in no order whatsoever
Favourite authors: Tolkien, Michael Ende, Jostein Gaarder, R.A. Salvatore, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen...
Favourite groups: Blind Guardian, Gammaray, Masterplan...
Favourite actors: Johnny Depp, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Lee, *pnish*, Nagayama Takashi...
Favourite Disney films (animated): the Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.
Favourite song: It changes from time to time.
Favourite animes: Baccano!, Toradora!, Natsume Yuujinchou...
Favourite mangas: Hetalia, Hayate no Gotoku, Junjo Romantica, Angel Sanctuary
Favourite cities: Nara, Cambridge, Berlin, Madrid.
Anything else I should add?

I didn't mention I love travelling, right?
Unfortunately I don't have money, so I've gone to school trips or language courses abroad...
But well, these are the nations I've been to:
Spain (well, I'm Spanish)
France and Belgium (school exchange)
Italy (school trip)
England (Language course)
Germany (I was invited)
Scotland (language course)
Japan (language course)

I want to go to Norway next, so I hope I can add it here soon~

*pnish*, aizen sousuke, ancient egypt, angel sanctuary, anime, australian formation, bleach, bleach musical, bleachmyu, blind guardian, boku no chopin, burimyu, cambridge, clamp, csi, d.n.angel, daiki-chan, dark/krad, death note, decossam, detective conan, dn angel, dnangel, dragonlance, england, europe, full metal alchemist, fullmetal alchemist, gakuen heaven, gamma ray, get backers, golden pair, grey's anatomy, hanakimi, harry potter, harry/draco, haru wo daiteita, heroes, hetalia, hikaru no go, hitsugaya toushirou, house, ichimaru gin, ii tension, internet, isaka tatsuya, j-drama, j-movies, japan, japanese, japanese dramas, johnnys, jpop, jrock, kansai, kansaiben, katakana, kevin smith, kikumaru eiji, kimeru, kuroshitsuji, lala-chan, languages, latin, leader, linguistics, lord of the rings, lost, loveless, manga, michael ende, moon volley, moriyama eiji, music, musicals, nagayama takashi, nagayan, natsume yuujinchou, neil gaiman, nippon, nobuta wo produce, oh tuti!, ohkuchi kengo, one piece, parque espania, peacemaker kurogane, plaid and flowers wtf?, pot doujinshi, prince of tennis, princess pricess, r. a. salvatore, remioromen, sano daiki, scotland, seigaku, sexy-chan, shounen-ai, tenimyu, tenipuri, tenipuri music, tennis no ohjisama, tennis no ojisama, theater, tokyo, tolkien, translating, travelling, tsuchiya yuichi, tsuchiya yuuichi, tuti, tuti's manic laugh, tuti/nagayan, tutixnagayan, victorian age, videogames, washio noboru, wasshi, writing, wuthering heights, yamapi, zelgadis, いいテンション, わっしー, オーストラリアンフォーメション, カタカナ, セクシーちゃん, テニスの王子様, テニプリ, パニッシュ, ブリミュ, ララちゃん, リーダー, レミオロメン, 土永, 大石秀一郎, 市丸ギン, 森山栄治, 永やん, 永山たかし, 永山毅